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The History: Oakland Mt.Zion Missionary Baptist Church

     The history of Oakland Mt. Zion Baptist Church had its origin in the year of 1870. As in most rural communities of that era there were no formal school buildings for black children in Oakland. In the year of 1870, a group of black religious and civic-minded leaders of the Oakland community became organized for the purpose of promoting a plan for providing a decent building for worshiping God and a place for educating the children. The building served that purpose for some time, but leaders and some members were dissatisfied​d and wanted to construct a separate building solely for worship.

The organizers and members worked religiously for a building of one of those places they all could take pride in.  

     In 1886, Oakland Mt. Zion Baptist Church constructed a separate building for worship only.  Under the leadership of Rev. Hershell Halsell, the heating and water systems were installed, restrooms added, stained glass windows were installed and the buildings exterior was bricked.  In 1994, under the leadership of Rev. Donald R. Valentine, a new sanctuary was constructed and on April 9, 2017 the Oakland Mt Zion Memorial Garden was dedicated.

     Oakland Mt. Zion Baptist Church has been noted for its outstanding Pastors.  God has given us many gifted and dedicated ministers who have made varied contributions to the spiritual and social development of the church and the community.  

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