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Our First Lady: 

Mrs. Debra Valentine

The Pastor's Wife

by Judy Bowling

She's a Godly woman, she has such grace

Always a warm greeting, a smile on her face

She's always encouraging, she knows her place

She is - The Pastor's Wife

She has to always look just right

Always on time, though the schedule's tight

From early morning, till late at night

Always - The Pastor's Wife

She's such a Lady, everyone's friend

She serves with love from deep within

All of the rifts she tries to mend

Oh she's - The Pastor's Wife

She carries your burdens, she prays for you

Sometimes she cries the whole night through

But you won't know when she's feeling blue

Cause she's - The Pastor's Wife

At church as she starts to walk up the aisle

So many needs to stop and talk for awhile

Though she is tired, she has her own trials

She's patient, she's - The Pastor's Wife

Her life, her time is not her own

There's always a need, they go on and on

With a knock on the door or a ringing phone

That's the life of - The Pastor's Wife

Her husband she shares with a whole congregation

She humbly accepts his intense dedication

In loneliness she kneels to seek consolation

God Bless - The Pastor's Wife

She will someday reach the end of her race

As she meets her Master, face to face

Surely our God had a Special Place

In heaven for - The Pastor's Wife.

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